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  • Do you allow customers to choose music?
    YES. All of our weddings and events are completely customizable based on the theme's and tastes of the Bride & Groom or organizers of the event. We will send you a digital planning form which will help in the planning process of music selection. We also accept specific songs requests as well as DO NOT play lists.
  • Do you allow requests at weddings & events?
    Absolutely. Some DJ’s will not take requests during live events, but we are more than happy to do so. TLS believe's in extreme customer service and it is our goal to make you and your guests happy.
  • Do you have professional equipment?
    Duh! There is a difference between the sound equipment you use at home and equipment that is used during a live event. Professional equipment is made to be durable and is generally much more expensive than home stereo equipment. TLS Entertainment uses top-of-the-line speakers amongst other pieces of equipment.
  • How much experience do you have?
    We have been in business since 2014 and have experience in weddings, proms, school dances, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Cruise ships, anniversary parties, block parties, and corporate events around the state of Florida and DMV Region (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia).
  • Are you insured?
    Yes - TLS is Insured. You should always use a DJ that goes through the trouble of being insured for peace of mind. Plus, some venues require that your entertainment have liability insurance.
  • How do you dress for events?
    We always dress based upon the customers wants and needs. It could be a suit, tuxedo, or casual clothes. You're the boss!
  • Do you have backup equipment?
    We definitely carry backup computers and speakers. Even though we have professional equipment, it can still fail. This is your event so rest assured we will do all we can to make sure equipment failure doesn’t ruin your party.
  • How far do you travel?
    Our main location is in Sarasota, FL and will travel throughout the state of Florida. We have also expanded to the DMV Area (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia). All of our packages are customizable and all-inclusive.
  • What type of events do you do?
    TLS has experience with all types of events. We specialize in weddings, dance parties and school proms. We have lighting shows that accommodate dances and proms very nicely. We have an extensive collection of dance and alternative music. We also have experience in bar and bat mitzvah’s, corporate events and of course all types of parties. Need a club DJ? DJ Joey started DJing clubs in Buffalo, NY and has extensive experience with that as well. We have all the bases covered!
  • Do you have recommendations?
    Of course! We'd be happy to provide those to you upon request.
  • Can I come "watch" you perform at an event?"
    Unfortunately it is bad etiquette to allow potential clients to come to a private party and view how we work. However, often times our team of DJs will be at local bars/clubs and we encourage our clients to follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date to see where our team will be next!
  • Do you provide uplighting?
    We sure do! Our uplighting systems are great to enhance the ambience any room or venue. We can match ANY color possible, so nothing is off the table.
  • What time do you arrive to an event?
    We typically require 2 1/2 hours of setup time prior to the official start time. However, internally, we always plan to be set up and ready to go 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.
  • Do you provide a microphone for your events?
    Yep! A wireless, handheld mic is standard for all of our packages.
  • Do you provide wedding reception planning?
    Included in our overall price of wedding receptions is planning and coordinating. It takes coordination between the wedding party, wedding planner, DJ, and caterer to provide a quality reception. We will sit down with you at a future consultation and help you plan out your reception. From wedding party names, to Father/Daughter dance, it is all very important to us that you completely trust TLS to take care of every detail of your reception so you can enjoy the time with your new spouse and your valued guests.
  • Do I get a written contract for my event?
    Oh yeah! You should not do business with an entertainment company or anyone else, for that matter, that does not agree to give you a written contract with event info and final price on it. This protects both parties involved.
  • Who will be my DJ at the event?
    We match our DJs to our clients vision and tastes. Tim Schalch is the lead DJ for TLS Entertainment. If you have a specific request for a particular DJ, we'd be happy to do what we can to make that happen!
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes. In order to help with our scheduling, we do require a non-refundable retainer upon contract signing time. Once the deposit is received, your particular event date will be solidified.
  • How do I hire TLS?
    After you make the introductory contact with us via phone or email. We will send a proposal with the services that you have requested. Once you agree with the proposal we will send over a contract with the agreed services. We will require a non-refundable retainer payment to secure your date. The retainer will be applied toward your final payment. TLS requires final payment no later than 7 days prior to your event.
  • Can I pay by credit/debit card?
    Sure can. We utilize the venmo app for these types of payments. Simply search for TLS Entertainment.
  • Why do I need a DJ?
    There are a number of reasons, but to help you out, here are a few: 1. Professional equipment and sound. 2. Thousands of established ‘legal’ songs to play. 3. Your party is now taken care of and you can simply enjoy being with your guests. 4. Requires a smaller area to set up in than a full band. 5. We know how to rock a party and take your event to the next level.


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