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Meet Your DJ | Karolina

It's imperative that you know a little bit about the DJ who will be performing at your next event. We have a variety of DJ's with various talents. However, all of TLS Entertainment's DJ's are highly knowledgable in their field and will do an amazing job at your wedding or event - Guaranteed!


Meet DJ Lira, the newest member of TLS Entertainment. Karolina is a born Ukrainian, but a true Hungarian at heart! Her love for DJing started 10 years ago in a small club out on Siesta Key. From there she moved Orlando to continue her education at UCF while also working on her DJ skills. She had the opportunity to play at some great events in Orlando such as the New Years Eve Charity Ball; fashion shows at the Firestone Club, plus over 50 weddings at hotels and resorts like the Gaylord Palms.

Right after graduation she had moved back to Sarasota where she had the opportunity to play at even more venues, events, and earn residency spots as the first local female DJ in Sarasota. But for her weddings alway came first! Every wedding she had played at was unique in its own way; there were never two weddings alike. Her favorite part of a wedding is the first dance, and making sure that all the guests are DANCING. 

Karolina grew up listening to the radio, MTV, and her mothers mix tapes while studying. Thanks to all that listening she was able to learn English very rapidly. In the begging she was focused mainly on EDM style music, but as her love for music grew so did the interest in different genres. Since then she had played all types of parties, and venues with different styles of music, let it be form 60’s to current Hip-Hop and anything in between.

Contact TLS Entertainment to book DJ Lira for your next wedding or special occasion!

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