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Line Dance Etiquette: To dance or Not to dance

Hunsader Farms

To dance… or not to dance. Is that really the question? Are you thinking of line dancing for the first time? After all, it is just choreographed walking – with style! Here’s a quick guide to get you started on some line dance etiquette. This will help you when you head out to the nearest country bar or wedding/event you attend.

  1. Make sure to always stay within YOUR line and be a modest elbows to elbows apart. This way, you’re not running in to anyone.

  2. If you are line dancing on an open floor, stay towards the middle of the dance floor. Watch out for couples coming around on the outside. We want to be respectful to all dancers on the floor.

  3. Please Please Please follow the rules. If there is “no drinking on the dance floor,” then keep your drinks on the tables or on the rails just on the outside of the dance floor. You don’t want to be the reason the mops come out and close off the dance floor because you were spilling your drink while you were trying to follow the cute girl next to you.

  4. There’s no real dress code – come out in your #countryswag or simply come in jeans and a t-shirt.

  5. If there are line dance lessons near you, make it a night out and have some fun. Hopefully the instructor is able to explain the steps in a way you can understand.

Girls love a guy who can dance and guys love a girl who will allow them to dance along, so give it a shot! Even if you only do the electric slide or cupid shuffle, at least you’re dancing. Plus, those two dances are no-brainers at a country bar or at a wedding or event. You can’t knock it ‘til you try it.

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